Girlsense not working??

Hey so I had a request asking me that how can I fix my computer to make girlsense work?

The only reason I can think that Girlsense is not working, is probably because they are having tech. difficulties.

Just come back in a few hours and POOOF!

That's all for now!

P.S If that doesn't work, juts email Girlsense.

Girlsense's email:

Genera Anything Label....

So If you look to the right, where it said "labels", there is one called general anything.

This is a place where I can put updates, blog stuff, or any post that doesn't belong. Usually for updates, i would put it in the girlsense introduction but that really doesn't make sense.....

SO here it is " GENERAL ANYTHING".

I am deciding to do a PV (polyvore) label too. I could share with ya'll my friends sets and stuff.

Well...This is a useless post...but HAPPY VIETNAMESE AND CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!


So on polyvore (Which is a new website I found, well I found it a long time ago though), I created a logo for the blog. I'm not sure should I put it as an official logo or please tell me cuz I am so edger to make another one. O yea!! My user on PV (polyvore) is teresa8991, same as girlsense.


I was thinking doing like a pink logo with girlsense fashion surrounding it but it seems too crowded so I made a black and white one!! :)


V-DAY CONTEST on...girlsense

This is just a post to wish the ppl in contest good luck!!!!!! I actually know 3 ppl....Well 2 because the last one commented on my boutique. SOOO...

If you want a request on a tutorial, note me on girlsense (teresa8991)


Inspiration Tips on Fashion/Designs

Here are some helpful tips that can help you create the most amazing designs!!

1) Pictures. You can cut out fashion from magazines, search on web, or make an original. I think duplicating clothes also will help you go on the next step of designing. (It helped for me)

2) Watch movies and videos. For example, I designed a really beautiful dress and i got the idea from the Taylor swift love story video.

3) Let ur mind GO WILD. Really have to loosen ur mind to get cool designs (haha that rhyme).

*4) Holiday or Seasons. (I just thought of this) You can design fashion that can relate you the season or holiday.

Hope that helps!! (For any request go to teresa8991 on girlsense or comment below)


So I am so late on EVERYTHING!!!!! For now the contest will have to be delayed. The reason is because of school....sad. But it means there will be time for more ppl to join. Let's start on the updates:

First of all I came back on Girls United Forum (some of you may know what that is). That is SO awesome because i have posted 500 posts since the date i came back (Sept).

I am a REAL pro on Girlsense. I am so comfortable designing rare fashion. The secret is I practice, practice, practice. You guys must hear that ALL the time but it actually helps a lot.

I pass science fair......WHOO HOO!!

AND MOSTLY more Tutorials are coming back... YAY! I will really try to do at least 5 tutorials a month. That might seem little but you can do a lot with just one.

That's all for now!