Halloween is near us. On the forum (girls united) we are designing like crazy!!!!

I am starting to make dresses for Halloween and I will be having a sale a day before Halloween.

So make sure to be in my auction that day. More details will come out.

I want a featured dress on my blog so if you guys would like to be on my blog just note away and a

send me a invitation to your fashion to the exact dress or outfit for Halloween.


Everybody I am so busy to update my blog!!!

I try to make time for it.

Updates are on Girlsense they make new tools for the fashion studio.

The first is to have the tool to write on clothes.

Now you can put anything on your shirt. I have been waiting for this for years! YES!!!! :)

They have girlsense TV now so there is videos for designing!

I got my computer fixed so I can update whenever I want. YAY!!!!!!!!!!

That's it for now pp!

Link to girls united!!

Here is the link. Here is the link for anybody who want to join girls united!!!!!!