I got to go to the party on Girlsense!!!

There was PSPs scavenger Hunt. You have to find 10 purple PSPs to go to the Girlsense party. Lucky I found 10 already 2 day ago. When you do find 10 PSPs you get to find an outfit that you like and go to the party. It's pretty cool!! Here are two outfits I wore to the party!!!

This is the first outfit I wore to the party. Everyone said the dress look cute.

This is outfit is the second outfit I wore. FAB!!!!!!!

This is a sneak peek of the party room. There you can chat, listen to music, and have FUN!!!


Something new from Girlsense!!!

First Girlsense made a new boutique helping pack. It has purple furniture, posters of Hannah Montana, PSPs, and new wallpaper to help you decorate your boutique!!

Here is how the PSPs tab look like.

My boutique got a purple make-over!

Also Girlsense have also given member the opportunity to design our own PSP.

Here is the sneak peek of the PSP studio.

That's all for now!!


New designers on Girlsense!!!!!

I Got new designers!!! I were trying to find these are over Girlsense. Then they came to me so easily (which mean I didn't have to pay much).

This is a blue shirt that tighten your waist. Plus a chain for the neck part. I got this at an auction for 100 gcents!!! GREAT DEAL!!!! The designer is Hotkiss.

This is a dress from Rampage. I got this for 80 gcents. Meanwhile other members sell it for 200 gcents. WHAO!

This is a dress from also Rampage. CUTE!!:)

That's all for now!!!:)

All of my Cold Crush designers!!!

This designer is more for earthly fashion!

This is a blue shirt with a theme of go green. I bought for 50 gcents!! :)

This is a shirt with a theme of peace. I barely see this anymore.

This is a shirt mud green with a picture of a panda. CUTE!!!!!

This is a black shirt with a goth design. FAB!!!=)

This is a white shirt with a fall leaves design!

That's all for now!!


Got a Make-over on Stardoll

This is my new clothes on Stardoll.

This is after I did make-up, dyed my hair, and tried on some jewelry. I look so HIP!!

This is an outfit I tried on at the Stardoll mall.

This is another outfit I tried on. I call this "jogging in heels".

That's all for now!!:)

Swimwear for summer from Girlsense!

This is a bra with sparkles. This is from the designer MTVhills. I bought it for 460 gcent! WHAO!! (too much money)

This is a swimsuit from Girlsense. It has yellow and white stripes. The designer is Herbal Essence .

This is a blue strapless swimsuit. It is also from Herbal Essence . The designer Herbal Essence is closed down but no one really like the swimsuits.


August outfit!!

I LOVE this outfit. I got to share it.

This is a dress with a beautiful blue, white, and black design. This fashion is from Girlsense and the designer Rampage.

This is a bag with a picture of some flowers and a half of a coconut.

This is a pair of flats with a gold design. This is from the designer Rampage.

Pick of the week!!

The theme is casual Friday.:)

This is a silver shirt with puffy sleeves. I got this for 130 gcents. Awesome!! This from Girlsense and the designer X213industryX.

This is black leggings with yellow music notes. CUTE!!!:) This is from Stardoll

This is a bag from Girlsense. It has white background with R words.


All my Bongo designers on Gilrsense!!

Bongo is a designer that design country fashion. I just heard about this fashion a few days ago. Here are my Bongo designers!!:)

This is a red blouse with white stripes. I got this in an auction for the price of 10 gcent!!=)

This is shorts with a white and blue design. CUTE!!!

This is a bag in the color brown. It comes with a key chain.

This is a bag with black dots. If you look closely the dots are stars!!

This is a white dress with a flower designs. FAB!!!!!!!!!

This is a hat with a design of a head of a skeleton.

This is shorts with blue flower designs. KOOL!

This is a hand bag in the color brown.

That's all for now!!

Got new boots on Girlsense!

This is a pair of boots from the designer Rampage. It is in light brown. CUTE!!!

This is a pair of boots from the designer Luxirie. They are in the color black. I got it for two hundred gcents. It is an ok price.

This is a pair of boots in the color brown. The designer is Luxirie. FAB!!

That's all for now!!


Check out my look on stardoll!

I got a make-over on Stardoll. I was thinking of elegant. These are my new clothes!:)

This is after I tried on some make-up and jewelry at the stardoll mall.

This is the outfit I tried on at the stardoll mall. This outfit made me look like a princess.

This is another outfit I tried on. I call this "The London Look".

That's all for now!!!

What is babble.

Babble is where teens can chat. It is kind of like Twitter but just for teens.

Babble is where you can follow your friends and they could follow you.

What is follow?

Following is every time that person post on babble you get the message on your babble page.

Don't worry parents, a machine is turned on when someone type so no one would say inappropriate words.

Some members of Girlsense don't even know about babble because you have to be 13 or older to be on babble.

Meet friends and have fun!!:)


Featured items!

There items are really special that people would pay 3000 gcents for. These items are not designers. They are design by members of Girlsense. They are special because no one on girlsense could make these items except them.

This is spongbob dress in black. The user who created this is named truereligionfree. Visit sometimes!
This is hello kitty dress in a rock style. This is also a creation from truerelioionfree.

This is charlie Brown playing the guitar. The user who created this is named berricool.

That's all for now!


Got a new Logo!!!

My first logo is messy, boring, not professional. So I wanted to spice it up!

This was my first logo. :( So 1970!

This is my new logo. It is Cute, elegant, and professional!

Comment! Do you like my new logo or my old one??

How to change the text of your logo.

Members from Girlsense have been asking me how to free draw on their logo or how to change the text of their logo.

I'm not sure but this is what I think how to change your text.

First go to the homepage of Girlsense.

Then click on the button on the left side that said "create your logo".

Next get a shape and minimize it to the size you want and put color if you like.

After that you put it in a spot that starts a letter like for the letter T you start at the top left.

So if I was going to continue, I would put another shape to form the T's cross.

I would then form the other part of the T.

Keep doing that until to form letters to make words. Ta-da!

Remember you can only put 5 shapes on the board so make your letters small.

Hope that helps!!!:)Here is a picture!

I'm a rockstar on stardoll!!

I got a guitar and some clothes that made me look like a rockstar!!This is after I put on my make-up!!
This is an outfit I tried on at the Stardoll mall.

This time I tried on all the new make-up and dyes.
These clothes are from the store ELLE!!! CUTE!!:)

That's all for now!