Computer is acting weird!

I can't upload my fashion because my computer is acting weird!

I just got a new program on my computer. It's suppose to help not make the problem worst!

Don't know when it will come back to normal.

I may not do this blog anymore!!!!:(

Have to ask my sister about the problem.

Well I will still write designing tutorials but with no picture.

Designers are running LOW!

In Auctions on girlsense there are not many designers anymore.

I guess everybody took them all. :(

So I decided to start designing! My Friends are girls united are expert on designing.

If you would like to ask me or talk me about an idea for girlsense fanatic, PM or note away.

My user right now on Girls united is Green-machine(greeny) and on girlsense my user is teresa8991.
Xthemallx is also on girls united and stylechix19 too!

This is just a note to tell you that I will do more designing then buying.

Thx, Teresa