Red Carpet Fashion!

Hey guys, I bought some fashion that I thought was perfect for the red carpet. It's not designers but the people who designed this are talented. People actually bid these for 6,000 gcents but I found a way to get it for only 900 gcents. Not a bad deal but still is expensive. Here are the fashions!!!!

I LOVE THIS!!!!!! I bought this for 500 gcents. eh? Not bad. (There days everything is expensive on Girlsense) I would think a celeb would walk down the red carpet with this dress.

This was the dress I bought for 900 gcents. This person was very creative to make this dress. At my bouitque I dressed my avatar in this with gloves. I wish, I wish I have this dress in GREEN!(favorite color)

CUTE!!!! I wanted to show this dress on Chirstmas time but it's so in style I HAD to show this to you guys. It's a simple dress but made well.

I got this last summer from my awsome friend mall! (THX for having the sale mall) It was like the only thing I could grab on the sale. I had to refresh her fashion page a million times just to buy one thing. She is one of the BEST designer on Girlsense so check her boutique out! Her user is


That's it for now!!!

2 more Trophies and I am a PRO!

Girlsense made this sticker for people that has 19 trophies. I have 17, ALMOST TO THE FINISH LINE! All my friends from Girlsense already has a pro sticker so I am determine. I have all gold and one silver. So please guys help me out. O YES reminder!!! I have a twitter now. My user is girlsensefan. I go on there to write updates what is on girlsense and stardoll too. So check it out! These days in one post I write random thing like pro stickers, twittter, etc... in one post. Sorry because I only have 15 mins a day to write on my blog. That is all the updates for the rest of the week

PS. I need to write longer cuz my posts are so short!


SHOUT OUTs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of ppl on Girlsense have said to me, can I mention them on my blog. Well, here is where your usernames will be shown! Note or comment on my boutique if you want a shout out request. At the end of this page there will be shout outs that I got lately. UPDATES ON GS: OK! ppl, I am really sad that I couldn't enter the Halloween Contest. I had tests and projects due. (By the way I will be SUPER busy cuz science fair is coming up) But I will try to update it for the month of Nov. Right now I really like designing Emo pics. (I might call those pics wrong, I am sorry) Here is an example of one pic I like:

So if you guys want your emo pic that you designed on here, note me about that pic. And POOF it's gonna show.

Anywayz, here are the SHOUT OUTs!!!!!!!!!!!!





Teresa OXOX


Hi Everyone! I feel bad that I didn't post anything. :( I would like to say I will do at least 10 posts this week (or more). So you guys can read for the month!!!

Teresa OXOX