ello. UPDATE!

Spring break is almost here!! (Can i get a WHOOP WHOOP?)

Updates: Girlsense

There is a new designer boutique called project girlsense. My rate is 3 out of 5 stars. By the way buy some items just in case in the future it worth LOTS of money.

New stamps on clothes (not big news by what the hey)

Updates on meeee (Teresa)

Well I got through Science fair, S.S exam, and now I have to go through the "big end of the year test".

Also I know I have lots of requests but I am on uber (new vocab) pressure to get my work done.

I am designing St. Practice day short dresses. Sale on Wed. March 17....St.P DAYY!!

Thanks to all ppl who read this blog and comment on my boutique.

Comment Spotlight from nursemaid121 on Girlsense

" I love ur blog, it's my bible"

Me: aww thx! I only write my blog cuz of u readers. :)