How to fave!

To fave on Girlsense is to put other members on your favorite list.

What is a favorite list?

It is a box under your boutique that has the members you put on your favorites.

Why to do you fave people?

There is two possible reason. One you are friends with them. Two You like their fashion and you want to come back to their boutique.

To fave someone you need to go to the bottom frame of their boutique and click the button add to favorites or just click on the heart at the top of their boutique.

Come by my boutique sometime. My username is teresa8991.


What is the category notes.

The category notes where other members can send other members notes. There is a note sent every time someone fave or bought a item from your boutique.

When you see a number by the notes category, which means you have mail!

The notes are separated. The categories are favorites, purchases, invitations, unread, starred, and all notes.

When you compose a note which is to write a note a machine is turn on. If you tried to write bad words the machine will stop you. It is also turn on in auctions.


All my beverly hills chihuahua designers!

This is a Mexican shirt that has flower prints. I got this for 10 gcents. GREAT DEAL!!!!
This is one of cloe's (chihuahua) outfit. It has pink and green strips.CUTE!

This a Mexican dress with yellow flower prints.
This is a yellow bag that has pom trees and has Beverly Hills chihuahua.

Designers that i have from high school musical 3!

The top part is black and and the bottom part is white but there is a flower cover at the bottom part. LOVE IT!

This is a pretty dress that has a spaghetti strap top and a long bottom.

This is a beautiful dress that has silver straps and a green-blue color.
This is a red graduation for senior year.

This is a white t-shirt that has a picture of Troy Bolton.

This is all my high school musical 3 designers for now. Come to my boutique sometime:)! My username is teresa8991!

How to create a group.

Groups on Girlsense is clubs that people can join. They usually have a themes like fashion, a singer, an actor, etc...

You usually can join how many groups you want. To open a group first you have to go to the category groups. Then click on the button that said "open group".

Next you make a group name and write a description which means write what the group is about.

After that choose a skin color for that group and if you want a picture for your group you can upload one from your computer. Last you click done.

You can invite your friends from girlsense to be in the group.


What is the category games.

The category games is a place you can have fun and earn gcents. Some games you can play just for fun but some one of them you have to pay 20 gcents:( to play the games that earn gcent. The game bad hair day is the only free game that earn gcents.

You might think all the games are girly. WRONG! Barely any girly games at all. If you want girly games you have to go to the category salon or style.

check out my new look!

Check out my new look! I added earrings, different color shirt, and lipstick!

How to create a poll.

First go to the category polls. Then click the tab "create poll".

Next you put a question to the box that said "Question".

After that put answers that people can vote on. You 4 or less answers only.

Then you have to choose between public poll which mean everyone can see it or private poll which means only your friends get to see it.

Last but not least(FINALLY!) press submit and you're done! (YEAH!!!)

(by the way)My user name on girlsense is teresa8991!

What is the category polls.

The category polls is a place where you get to vote for polls. But what are polls? Polls are question that you are supposed to vote for. For example, what is your favorite color, what singer you like the best, etc...

You can make your own poll too. The result will appear after you vote. If you get the most voters, your poll will be on the poll page (home page of the category polls).


here are my mightly fine designers i have!

People pay thousands for this shirt. This collection is so rare that in auctions they fight for it.

This collection tells you a bout your personally like this one it is a shirt someone who like hip hop would buy.This is a shirt for people who like high fashion.

This shirt is so rare that some people don't even know that it exist.

This is my favorite out of the collection because the background is darker and i call my myself a V.I.P.

here are my suitelife designers that i have!

This designer is from the series the suite life of Zach and Cody.

I bought this late at night for 1 gcent. IT WAS A GREAT DEAL! This is a rare designer because it closed down when I didn't join Girlsense.

This is purple and white bag that has prints of butterfly. It also has a picture of Ashley Tisdale.

This is a blue shirt that said I love Maddy. People at girlsense would pay hundreds for this shirt

Here is a black shirt that has the characters Zach, Cody, London, and Maddy. Also it said summer is gonna be "suite" !This is a blue shirt that has I love Cody. There are similar shirts that look like this but just different words.

Mtv hills designers that I have!

Here are some designers people are hunting for. This is a mtv hills shirt. The boutique closed down a long time. So that is why people are hunting for it. There is another shirt that is just like this but the background is white.

This shirt is very popular. It is in a shiny color that sparkles. I almost never see this shirt anymore.
This bag is in gold and white. can be selled for 2 hundred gcents.

This bra is in the color gold. This does not go with anything. It does not have bottom wear. But it is pretty.
The last item that i have that is from Mtv hills is this white dress. It is very common on girlsense. Sometimes you think it is a plain dress but if you look closely you can spot it in auctions.

Tips on making friends on Girlsense.

When you make friends on girlsense you can favorite them. Here are some tips on making friends. ONLY be friends with the right people.

Tip 1) Don't ever be friends with people who ask for personal info. Like password, where you live, what is your real name, etc..

Tip 2)If they say mean things- flag them. But if they say they don't like your boutique, DO NOT get mad. It's just an opinion and besides ask them why they don't like it. Flag them if they begin to tell you their personal info.

Tip 3)If they are friendly, don't say mean things, don't ask for personal info, etc... Fave them if you want to be friends.

Tip 4)Be kind, friendly, and be careful with making friends online.


how to make outfits.

On the category outfits is a place where you can mix and match clothes. They show it off at that place. You can only mix and match with clothes that you own. First you click on the category outfits. Then you click on the button that said "create new".

Next you choose the model and the clothes to make the outfit. You must have at least three items for your outfit. After you'll done, click on the button outfit. Last you put a title for that outfit. Now to you would see your outfit on the outfits page.

How to create a logo.

On, logos is symbol that represent your boutique and fashion line. To create a logo, first you click the button on the right side of the girlsense home page that said"create your logo" .
Then you would be at the logo maker.

Next you would choose how you want it to look like. You can add stickers, symbols, etc..
After that you would press the save button. Now every time someone comes to your boutique they will see the logo at the top.


How to avertise your boutique or poll on girlsense.

First you click the button that said "advertise your creation" that is at right side of the's homepage. Then you would be at the adplace. Which is where you choose to advertise your boutique or poll.

After that you choose a time to advertise. Next you choose the place to advertise like in the market place or home page, etc...

Last but not least, book your advertisement. You have to pay for it but it depends on where you advertise. Getting the advertisement on the home page is hard. So book it NOW!

what is the category maket place?

The Market place is where you go to auctions and bid. You can get cool items HERE.

In an auction if someone else like that item they would bid for it. The highest bidder will win the item.

The market place also show hottest auctions. Hottest auction may have 21 or more people in it. So it takes forever to go in those auctions. But you can try.

It's super fun here. Plus you can chat with other members.

Got any comment? Post it here.

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How to design your own fashion .

First you would go to the category studio at the top of your boutique.

Then you would choose what to design like dress, shirt, pants,etc...

After that you would find a item that most match your design.

Go wild with your imagination! Changing the color, adding shapes, putting stickers on it, whatever...

Next: save it - put a price on it - sell it.


Tips on geting and saving gcents!

Gcents at is money. MONEEEEY! got that? You will need lots...lots of it.

You can buy clothes and other items with it. They give you $500 gcents bonus when you join. So join now!

But be careful of how you spend it.

Of course you need to save but what about getting more money(gcents)?

Here are some tips to help!

Tip 1)To get gcents you can do three things. Email your boutique to family and friends, play bad hair day, and sell your fashion. You might think these three things don't work. Oh, it does!.

Tip 2)Don't try to cheat! It'll make the fun go away. Plus you'll get banned!:(

Tip 3)If you like an item but its' too darn expensive, fave that boutique until you have the money. But If it is too expensive like 1,000,000, FORGET IT. Those are rip offs!

Stay...far....far....far....away from those deals. You will NEVER get it.

I know, I have been there. So much drama!

How to open an auction.

What's an auction?

At auctions, you bid for items that you like.

You have the highest bid? You win. Simple.

Auctions is ten minutes. So watch the time!

How to auction your stuff?

Easy. Go to your fashion category at the top of your boutique. Press the button "auction".

Then choose the items that you want to auction off.

Start the price at 100 Gcents.

If you have something to do during the auction, DO IT. The auction will run for 10 minutes. So move along quickly!

Happy auctions,

Got any tips? Leave a comment.

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Tips on desginers clothing price value

On designers clothing is from professional designers.

Like Mudd, Lulus, Camp rock, hsm3 (high school musical 3),etc...

They are special.

Why? Because when the designers' boutique close down, no one could get them anymore.

The people who have the designer will sell them at the price that you can afford.

4 tips you want to know:

Tip 1) Get the designers first if you want the gcents(money) and design your own fashion line last.

Tip 2) Put it at a good but profitable price. Like $140, $100,$130,etc...

Tip 3) You can auction things you cannot sell. Start at $100 gcents. It's a good price for anyone.

Tip 4) Always look for designers all the time. Remember the the designers boutique that are closed down are the rare designers!

My boutique is an all designer boutique so drop by for the rare clothing. Take a look here teresa8991!

Got any more tips? leave a comment!

Show Down NOW!


I have a boutique showdown now. Here are 10 boutiques. Choose the one you like best.

All Pictures are taken from Don't have an account yet? Get one now!

Remember YOU can VOTE 1 time per day. So think about it for 1 minute. If you change your mind, come back tomorrow and VOTE AGAIN.

If you want to visit the boutique, click on the link below it. DO IT FAST, THEY MAY CHANGE THE THEME!

See any fashionable boutique? send me a comment. I will post it on the site and let people vote.

Check back to see the results!

Girlsense Fashion Boutique Showdown 1

Showdown 1: Which boutique YOU LOVE the MOST? Vote Now. Why?
Lizzieingym free polls

How to build your boutique.

First choose a theme. It depends on the seasons(summer,winter,etc..).

You have to design it yourself. Let your creativity freeeee!

... Then display whatever you want in your boutique.

Then you decorate it with stickers, accessories, models, or colors. After that you would press the SAVE button.

Finally, go to the fashion category (which is at the very top of your boutique). Put a price on your items in your boutique for sale.


What is Girlsense?

Well, it's an online fashion game. IT'S FREE.

Perfect for girls.

You can sell and buy clothing. You get money when you sell your clothes. Don't like buying other people's designs? You can design your own fashion line. You can make your own logo however you want it to be. Make new friends and customers!

There is even a rating for your boutique. If you do very well, you'll get your trophies.

See, there is a lot of things you can do on Girlsense. Join now so I can visit your boutique.

If you have any tips to play Girlsense, post in the comment. Thanks.


Welcome to Girlsense Fashion Fanatic!

I have been playing on Girlsense for over a year.!

So I decide to start this blog (with the help of my big sis -she is the editor) for all Girlsense fans to talk about everything like how to get customers, how to build your boutique, and how to get the rare designers, etc...

Love any post? Leave your comment. I'll get back to you.

Have some time, visit my boutique @Tereas8991