Tips on geting and saving gcents!

Gcents at is money. MONEEEEY! got that? You will need lots...lots of it.

You can buy clothes and other items with it. They give you $500 gcents bonus when you join. So join now!

But be careful of how you spend it.

Of course you need to save but what about getting more money(gcents)?

Here are some tips to help!

Tip 1)To get gcents you can do three things. Email your boutique to family and friends, play bad hair day, and sell your fashion. You might think these three things don't work. Oh, it does!.

Tip 2)Don't try to cheat! It'll make the fun go away. Plus you'll get banned!:(

Tip 3)If you like an item but its' too darn expensive, fave that boutique until you have the money. But If it is too expensive like 1,000,000, FORGET IT. Those are rip offs!

Stay...far....far....far....away from those deals. You will NEVER get it.

I know, I have been there. So much drama!