hope u have a great one and it will be different in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Girlsense fanatic group on Girlsense!

So I made a group for this blog. You can ask a question like how to make hair or something . Join!!


It is also my blog fan group!!!!

Late Girlsense Anniversary!

HEY! So anyway, I forgot to celebrate my 2nd year on Girlsense.

It was on....July 11. I am SO late but whatever.

To celebrate I am going to do something special to thank ppl for coming to my blog. But what???

I was thinking that I could make an all designer sale but on Girlsense, no one really wants designers anymore.

Let me think about it....

PS. There is a pic of my boutique on the side, don't click on that. When you click it, it takes you to this boutique name undefined (????). It has 93 faves (I think ppl thought it was mine and faved it).
So This is my real boutique:



Designs that are made for display

Hi!!! Well, I have been asked why what i design or my designers are not for sale.

The reason is, one I designed them just for display.

For example, in my boutique I have a really big dress that has many pieces. If I sold one piece , someone will come along and buy it.

Which means I have lost one piece of my dress.

My second reason is, I am a collector. People collect designers or rare customs to have cool stuff in their boutique.

If you ask them can I buy it, they will say no. Trust me, I asked a lot of people when I just came to Girlsense.

Sorry if I say no when you asked me can I buy your designers.



OMG! It's really happening to me! I just need one more to go and right now I have all gold. If you don't know what I am talking about I will explain. On Girlsense you need 19 trophies to get a PRO sticker next to your boutique. Here is my display of trophies:

Wish me luck!

Girlsense Celebs!

So I seem to notice that there are designers that are famous on Girlsense because of their designs. So famous they became a celeb but I call it GS celeb. Here some of the ppl who are the super pros for designing:

You can tell from her boutique that is a Designing PRO. People really do fight and argue in auctions just for her designs. I wish a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


LOVE IT! Got to hand it to her for her hard work creating this boutique. I know her because her outfits are really popular. I think one time I chose her as outfit of the week . Happy New Year!!!!!!!


This one of my FAVE boutiques that she created!! I was looking at her stats and I found out that she is so POPULAR!!!!! Yoooki even has her own group just for her designs. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!



That's it for now!!!


What Ppl on Girlsense buy in auction and boutiques

Lately not many auctions have designers and even if it was a designer, it's kinda worthless. I see that Girlsense people buy custom or original designs. So here are some tips on what people look for:

1) Don't sell something that anybody on Girlsense can design themselves. Like in the studio there are already made shirts, Don't sell or even touch it if all you do is click on it and press done. Try to design a patten, picture, or maybe put words on it to make it original.

2) People on Girlsense really like celebs faces designed. For example they go crazy for Pres. Obama, Taylor Swift, and Robert Pattinson. Don't put it so high like 34,000!!!!!

3) Like I said in the one other post that people make a ton of Gcents on Emo pics. They also like cartoon designs too!

4) In auctions Girlsense members like VERY CREATIVE dresses. Like the dresses that has hair attact and with cool shading.

That's all for now!!!!!!!!

Ps. Here is one SHOUT OUT for you guys