What Ppl on Girlsense buy in auction and boutiques

Lately not many auctions have designers and even if it was a designer, it's kinda worthless. I see that Girlsense people buy custom or original designs. So here are some tips on what people look for:

1) Don't sell something that anybody on Girlsense can design themselves. Like in the studio there are already made shirts, Don't sell or even touch it if all you do is click on it and press done. Try to design a patten, picture, or maybe put words on it to make it original.

2) People on Girlsense really like celebs faces designed. For example they go crazy for Pres. Obama, Taylor Swift, and Robert Pattinson. Don't put it so high like 34,000!!!!!

3) Like I said in the one other post that people make a ton of Gcents on Emo pics. They also like cartoon designs too!

4) In auctions Girlsense members like VERY CREATIVE dresses. Like the dresses that has hair attact and with cool shading.

That's all for now!!!!!!!!

Ps. Here is one SHOUT OUT for you guys



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the ideas. I really need to sell more. Could you please visit mine? My name is kewlness52. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you said that people can put faces on their m do you do it? please comment back my girlsense is stardust123849 thanks. :]

Moon ❤ said...

Erm... About the faces, like u said to not put them for like 34.000, well actually that's pretty cheap for a face (AKA cutouts btw) , they go easily up to 70.000+ in auctions if they look like the person XD I can make them myself and i get alot of maximum (AKA 99.999) offers, especially for really detailled ones, and even if they start at 100 gcents in auctions, i get about 70.000+ (sometimes maximum) for it :3 Ppl would be happy if they see them for only 34.000, through in auctions they will go up