Boutique Contest!!!

ok here are the rules:

You have to have a girlsense a girlsense account

You have to have something in your boutique or I won't accept it.



Entries due dates: Jan. 16 - Jan. 28

Closing time for entries: You might have figure that out (Jan. 28)

Prizes: Rare hair (designed by a REAL pro)

Valentines Day Design contest!!!

So there will be a Valentine's Day design contest as you can see from the title. INFO: All designs must be a dress or a full outfit. Also please make it Valentine theme. So if you give me a gorgeous dress that is rainbow color, I won't accept it. Obviously you need a girlsense account.

Day that entries can be delivered to me: Jan. 20, 2009
You can note me on girlsense or PM on the forum (if u have account)

Closing time for entries: Feb. 12, 2009

Prizes!!! : You will get a full Valentine's day dress designed by me (rare), designer that is also RAREE, and 400 gcents.

Remember anyone can join

Valentines Day Designs

So I need ideas for designs........ All I know is that it will be red or pink.

Choices are:





i really need serious help!!!!! (SCIENCE FAIR IS OVERRR)


My Rare Fashion Ratings

Lately, I love designing costumes and dresses. I am really gave my best work on these dresses so hope you enjoy!
This is the dress that Taylor Swift wore in the music video love story. There is another peice to this but I messed up on that. :/ But I love this dress cuz it took me 24 hours to get this. WHEW!

Obviously you should know dress it is but I'm gonna tell u anyway. This show white's dress. This is my 2 favorite dress that I designed. I think I will design every princess's dress and sell it for ya'll 400 a piece. So look out for my princess collections :)

There are suppose to have a 3 dress but sadly someone bought it already :(
It was Taylor's Swift CMA dress that is gold.



Today I actually got to 100 faves which gave me 19 trophies!

Yay!!........Well all i got was a sticker. Not a very rewarding but whatever. I want to thank all the people who comment on my blog and boutique who ask questions about girlsense.

I appreciate it :) Now the taylor swift face didn't come out so great but all sales are canceled. :(

The good news is I love designing dresses that taylor swift wear.

So far I designed 2 perfect dressed. So I will be selling that on a date so watch out for that post.

That's all for now!


Taylor Swift Face!

I don't think it's really good but I tried! I will have to start over. Some notes are the nose are the hardest to shape. Here it is:

ok, I kniow it's bad but hey first timer here.


Stardoll Makeover

So I was thinking about the color blue today so it pop in my head. A BLUE makeover on stardoll!!!

So this is what I got when i tried on all the blue color makeup. It reminds me of an ice queen. I called that combo of that eyeshadow color........midnight twilight. I went crazy with the blue lipstick there. :)

This an elegant outfit with a bit of hipp-ish style. LOVE!!!! The dress is amazing!!!!!!!

This is a tomboy and punk outfit. (AWESOME) Shoes are really fit with the whole punk and tomboy though it is heels. :)

Anyway, I have a friend on Girls United (forum) that downloaded cartoon yourself thing.

I couldn't download it cuz I have too many files already so I ask her to make me a avatar.

I wanted it to look exactly like girlsense face except have lots of green jewelry and clothes.

She did a GREAT job!!! THX !!!!

Basics on making celebs face

I am going to make the tutorials soon but you need the basics first.

1. There are two ways to make a face. First to make the face with only shapes. That is the a little easier way to make the celebs faces.

The second way is to use only the cutting tool in the fashion studio. Now i started with the second way.

NOT GOOD. You need to practice with shapes first. In videos, it seems easy but it's not.

2. Please put a picture of that celeb in the inspiration tool so you can see the face details (important). I suggest with ppl who have easy expressions. Like.... Taylor lautner.

3. I really recommend you using black and white. It's makes it a WHOLE LOT easier.

That's all for now!!

EXPERIMENT: Celebs faces and UPDATE

So I heard u make a ton of money making celebs faces, but I never actually tried it.

I promised you blog viewers and myself that I will make a Taylor Swift one and sell it for only 400 in an auction. That's right 400.

That's the cheapest I can go or you might say how low can you go. There have been ppl making Taylor swifts already but the real stock market is Twilight ppl.

If this experiment go well, the whole Jonas Brothers faces set will go on sale on my boutique for 1500 gcents every Saturday starting Jan. 23, 2010 (still can't believe 2009 is over).

Updates......YES! i will be putting one thing on sale in the middle of Jan. U guys say I never put my awesome fashion on sale. Well, it's your lucky day....I mean month. :)

That's all for now!