Stardoll Makeover

So I was thinking about the color blue today so it pop in my head. A BLUE makeover on stardoll!!!

So this is what I got when i tried on all the blue color makeup. It reminds me of an ice queen. I called that combo of that eyeshadow color........midnight twilight. I went crazy with the blue lipstick there. :)

This an elegant outfit with a bit of hipp-ish style. LOVE!!!! The dress is amazing!!!!!!!

This is a tomboy and punk outfit. (AWESOME) Shoes are really fit with the whole punk and tomboy though it is heels. :)

Anyway, I have a friend on Girls United (forum) that downloaded cartoon yourself thing.

I couldn't download it cuz I have too many files already so I ask her to make me a avatar.

I wanted it to look exactly like girlsense face except have lots of green jewelry and clothes.

She did a GREAT job!!! THX !!!!