Tips on desginers clothing price value

On designers clothing is from professional designers.

Like Mudd, Lulus, Camp rock, hsm3 (high school musical 3),etc...

They are special.

Why? Because when the designers' boutique close down, no one could get them anymore.

The people who have the designer will sell them at the price that you can afford.

4 tips you want to know:

Tip 1) Get the designers first if you want the gcents(money) and design your own fashion line last.

Tip 2) Put it at a good but profitable price. Like $140, $100,$130,etc...

Tip 3) You can auction things you cannot sell. Start at $100 gcents. It's a good price for anyone.

Tip 4) Always look for designers all the time. Remember the the designers boutique that are closed down are the rare designers!

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