Designers that i have from high school musical 3!

The top part is black and and the bottom part is white but there is a flower cover at the bottom part. LOVE IT!

This is a pretty dress that has a spaghetti strap top and a long bottom.

This is a beautiful dress that has silver straps and a green-blue color.
This is a red graduation for senior year.

This is a white t-shirt that has a picture of Troy Bolton.

This is all my high school musical 3 designers for now. Come to my boutique sometime:)! My username is teresa8991!


Anonymous said...

how do u upload pics onto a shirt?? I've seen a whole lot of shirts like this with pics of celebs and I REALLY want to know how to do that please!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

How do you add a pic to the shirt? I'm on Girlsense too (kellikinz1313, check it out) I would love it if you could say how you do it!