How to change the text of your logo.

Members from Girlsense have been asking me how to free draw on their logo or how to change the text of their logo.

I'm not sure but this is what I think how to change your text.

First go to the homepage of Girlsense.

Then click on the button on the left side that said "create your logo".

Next get a shape and minimize it to the size you want and put color if you like.

After that you put it in a spot that starts a letter like for the letter T you start at the top left.

So if I was going to continue, I would put another shape to form the T's cross.

I would then form the other part of the T.

Keep doing that until to form letters to make words. Ta-da!

Remember you can only put 5 shapes on the board so make your letters small.

Hope that helps!!!:)Here is a picture!


Glennis said...

Works for you.

Teresa Green said...

This is just a guess. I'm not sure how to free draw but I try anyway.