Girlsense not working??

Hey so I had a request asking me that how can I fix my computer to make girlsense work?

The only reason I can think that Girlsense is not working, is probably because they are having tech. difficulties.

Just come back in a few hours and POOOF!

That's all for now!

P.S If that doesn't work, juts email Girlsense.

Girlsense's email:


lavenderlady07 said...

Ooohhh..awesome blog! YAY Spring break!

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Anonymous said...

i think ur blog rocks! and u r right! so i just saw this like that girlsense wasnt working this morning! was it last night too?

Anonymous said...

I thing you are right. I tried to get on this morn. and last night that thing came up. So thanks you for having this posted and up soo fast! I thought it was my computer!

Sally Potter said...

I loved Girlsense so much. It has been so long time since the site closed but I still keep trying to log on the site sometimes just in case there is some miracle. Do you know any similar site to girlsense?