Inspiration Tips on Fashion/Designs

Here are some helpful tips that can help you create the most amazing designs!!

1) Pictures. You can cut out fashion from magazines, search on web, or make an original. I think duplicating clothes also will help you go on the next step of designing. (It helped for me)

2) Watch movies and videos. For example, I designed a really beautiful dress and i got the idea from the Taylor swift love story video.

3) Let ur mind GO WILD. Really have to loosen ur mind to get cool designs (haha that rhyme).

*4) Holiday or Seasons. (I just thought of this) You can design fashion that can relate you the season or holiday.

Hope that helps!! (For any request go to teresa8991 on girlsense or comment below)


Sapphiria said...

Hey Greeny!!! lol, or should I say, Teresa? xD lol, I didn't know u had a blog!!!! (btw, I found out that u DID when I saw ur profile at ;) ) I luv ur website!!!!! it's so cool!!!!!! *I'm adding it in my list of favorites!!! xD*

Anonymous said...

Can you please give me some tips as to which celebrity styles I should duplicate (I once did some celebs but they in they end I sold them 10 g-cents!0 HELP!!!!!!