New Enchanted designer on Girlsense!

Enchanted is a designer on Girlsense that design fashion from the movie. I tried to get another enchanted dress everywhere. Today I finally got a second one.

This was my first enchanted dress. I payed 600 gcents for this!!!!:( The only reason I bought it was because it was my birthday.

Here it is!! The new enchanted dress! I payed 480 gcents! That was an ok price for me.

That's all for now!!!!!:)


Teresa Green said...

thanks so much for coming to my blog!!!!!!!!!!! (HAPPY)

Moon ❤ said...

Ahhh... Where was the time they sold them for less then 1000... XD U know the big white poofy one? I finally got one ( When i still collected designer items) and i was so happy! I spend 85.000 on it, they're getting more rare everyday XD Every great designer seemed to have one, and nobody wanted to sell it at first :(